Safety in the workplace is not only a legal requirement, but is also being vigorously pursued by an increasing number of companies. Warning protection and high-visibility clothing make an important contribution in many working sectors. High-vis clothing improves visibility and safety, and employees can concentrate fully on their work. Those who wear safety clothing are clearly visible from any angle, in any weather and at any time of the day or night.  High-vis workwear, with reflective stripes all around, is therefore protective equipment for people.

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Obligations of application  - who must wear high-visibility clothing?


In many industries, employees are exposed to increased risk. They are then obliged to wear safety clothing (high-vis jacket, high-vis trousers, high-vis T-shirt, high-vis vest, etc.). This applies, for example, to the staff of towing and road construction companies, cleaning and maintenance departments of communities, forestry offices, but also employees in track construction, at airports or in harbours. High-visibility clothing is particularly important for people whose work is carried out in moving traffic, near cranes or other motorised vehicles, or in darkness. In the mountains and towing sector, for example, the standard ISO EN 20471 (formerly DIN EN 471) applies to high-vis clothing.


This is what ISO EN 20471 says


Since autumn 2013, the new EN ISO 20471 has replaced the previous  EN 471 with regard to highly visible warning clothing. EN 471 distinguishes between commercial and non-commercial use. Thus, the focus was on the description of the activity. EN ISO 20471 is based on a risk assessment. It refers to situations in which there is a high risk of being overlooked without appropriate high-vis workwear. Thus, three clothing classes (1, 2, 3) were defined, which must have corresponding minimum areas of fluorescent background material and retroreflective material.


The improved all-round visibility is also part of the new standard. Class 3  high-visibility workwear must enclose the torso and arms and/or legs with fluorescent material and retroreflective stripes. This means that the waistband and dungarees only meet the requirements of Class 2 or 3 in combination with a high-vis vest or jacket.


The dimensions and distances of the fluorescent reflective stripes were also defined.

High-visibility clothing at the highest level in the colours yellow, orange and red

In addition to the use of the best materials and very good processing, we also make sure that everything in our high-visibility clothing is perfectly matched to the area of application. This is why we always have our workwear, from the jacket to the T-shirt to the trousers, tested in advance by some customers and optimise it according to their suggestions for improvement and requirements.

The main purpose of high-vis workwear is to ensure personal safety at all times of the year, but also in darkness, rain, fog and poor visibility. Our safety workwear is certified according to the ISO EN 20471 standard. Depending on the implementation, it corresponds to classes 1, 2 or even class 3. Anyone who wears high-vis clothing will be recognised at a distance of 150 m. While dark-coloured clothing is only recognised at 25 m distance . These metres can be decisive for safety not only in road traffic or on country roads. Reflective stripes or reflective material from 3M on our high-vis protection jackets, high-vis protection trousers and high-vis vests increase visibility and thus safety.


In addition to the aspect of occupational safety, we also have other requirements for our safety workwear. Depending on the article group, practical features such as versatile, spacious pockets, an elastic waistband and an adjustable, detachable hood are advantageous components of the work clothing. The use of hard-wearing, battery acid-resistant fabrics and Cordura reinforcement in the knee area ensure high-visibility workwear at the highest level with a long service life. ProLux trousers (e.g. waistband trousers, dungarees), jackets, T-shirts etc. offer optimum freedom of movement and high wearing comfort. The waterproof rainwear with its welded seams, the wind trap in the sleeves and the integrated warning protection vest provides a pleasant and dry feeling even in rainy and cool seasons. Also for the frosty winter season you will find a winter jacket and winter/rain trousers that meet your requirements in our comprehensive range.

All articles of our safety clothing are available in three colours or colour combinations:

bright yellow in combination with grey or black

fluorescent yellow in combination with red

bright-red (-orange) in combination with grey


Affordable high-vis protection clothing in the ProLux online shop

Buy the right high-vis clothing for you (large selection of sizes) as well as many other products that contribute to warning protection online at ProLux at a reasonable price. You will certainly find what you are looking for in our wide range of high-quality products. We will be happy to advise you!