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Portable 12V air compressors for vehicles


12V air compressors from ProLux are lightweight and compact. The output of these small 12V compressors makes them ideal for use with cars. A portable 12V air compressor is easy to store in the boot of a car, so it will always be close at hand when you need it. The 12 volt car battery supplies the direct current needed to operate the compressor. The air compressors are connected directly to the 12 volt battery using alligator clips. Alternatively, some devices can be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter socket. Other features such as an electrical on/off switch and a long power cable are also useful.


When it comes to vehicles, the possible applications for portable 12V air compressors from ProLux are many and varied. 12 volt compressors can be used to effortlessly pump up car and bicycle tyres as well as motorbike and even truck tyres. The air compressor works almost like an electric air pump. This saves you from making inconvenient trips to the petrol station. When inflating truck tyres, check that the air compressor has a sufficient air flow rate in litres per minute. Also, the maximum pressure for the 12V compressor should be at least 8 bar. Otherwise, it may take longer to pump up the tyres. Additional accessories, such as valve adapters, are also useful. Having the right adapters for your 12V air compressor allows you to connect pneumatic tools as well as pump up tyres. Thanks to the built-in pressure gauge, you can instantly read the current pressure in bar or psi. That is especially important if you are operating in the lower pressure ranges. For example, when inflating an air bed while camping.


In addition to its use as a car tyre pump, there are many other possible applications for a 12 volt compressor. For example, the generated compressed air can be used to remove dirt from surfaces. The compressor can be connected to useful pneumatic tools for changing a car wheel. Or, you could use it to operate an air flex tool for bodywork repairs. The sanding attachment helps to prepare the vehicle prior to painting and a polishing ball then provides a high gloss finish. There really are a lot of different possible applications and accessories for our mini compressors.

12 volt compressor – special features


Our 12 volt compressors offer several special features. For example, they are all oil-free. As a result, these mini compressors require very little maintenance. Their compact design and the fact that they are made mainly from aluminium gave rise to the term mini aluminium compressor. These compressors are therefore lightweight, portable and easy to store. Adapter sets and valve attachments ensure that they are suitable for universal use. ProLux mini aluminium compressors have a maximum pressure of up to 10 bar. We also supply a heavy-duty compressor with an impressive maximum pressure of 13 bar. In addition, our range includes air compressors with an air tank. The tank stores the generated compressed air. Compared to a 12V compressor without a tank, this option enables a more constant supply of compressed air. For example, if the air demand is higher than the compressor can actually deliver, then the air in the tank is used. These 12V compressors are no longer classified as mini compressors because the units are slightly larger and heavier. However, they are still portable mobile compressors.


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Find the right small air compressor for your application. We supply a wide range of compressors with different outputs and all at great prices. Not sure which mini compressor is right for you? Give us a call – one of our consultants will be happy to advise you and help you to find the ideal 12V air compressor for you!

12V compressors


Compressed air is needed for a variety of applications. To generate compressed air, you need an air compressor. A 12V compressor can be used to quickly inflate car or motorbike tyres. The pressure generated can be easily read off a built-in pressure gauge in bar or psi. Within the ProLux product range, we supply compressors that can reach a maximum pressure of 7-13 bar. By using the appropriate adapters, a 12V compressor can be connected to a variety of accessories.

    • Code no.: 102166
      • Voltage: 12 V
      • Current consumption: 42 A
      • Max. pressure: 8 bar
      • Code no.: 102186
        • Voltage: 12 V
        • Current consumption: 21 A
        • Max. pressure: 8 bar
        • Code no.: 102285
          • Voltage: 12 V
          • Current consumption: 32 A
          • Max. pressure: 8 bar
          • Code no.: 102136
            • Voltage: 12 V
            • Current consumption: 30 A
            • Max. pressure: 10 bar
            • Code no.: 102146
              • Voltage: 12 V
              • Current consumption: 45 A
              • Max. pressure: 10 bar
              • Code no.: 102095
                • Voltage: 12 V
                • Current consumption: 23 A
                • Max. pressure: 13 bar
                • Code no.: 102046
                  • Voltage: 12 V
                  • Current consumption: 12 A
                  • Max. pressure: 8 bar
                  • Code no.: 102036
                    • Voltage: 12 V
                    • Current consumption: 10 A
                    • Max. pressure: 7 bar
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