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The ProLux Multi Fit Wheel is a fully-fledged emergency wheel for passenger cars and trailers with defective or missing wheels.The ProLux Multi Fit Wheel is suitable for mounting on most passenger cars with 5-hole or 4-hole wheel hubs. It allows for further travelling at up to 80 km/h top speed to the next suitable workshop or parking facility.
Special features:

- specially developed universal emergency wheel
- suitable for almost all common vehicle models
- quick and uncomplicated installation
- maximum speed up to 80 km/h
- valuable help for breakdown assistance

The ProLux Multi Fit Wheel is available in 2 set versions.


We have put together the right set for you for every application.
Item No.: 405 315

PROLUX Multi Fit Wheel Premium 16 - Wheel size: 16"

Scope of delivery:

- Rim 4.5J x 16
- Tyres 125/70 R16
- Spacer washer 5 mm
- Spacer washer 10 mm
- 6 x wheel nut M12
- 5 x wheel bolt adapter
- Wheel adapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Item No.: 405 335

PROLUX Multi Fit Wheel Premium 17 - Wheel size: 17"

Scope of delivery:

- Rim 4.5J x 17
- Tyres 155/70 R17
- Spacer washer 5 mm
- Spacer washer 10 mm
- 6 x wheel nut M12
- 5 x wheel bolt adapter
- Wheel adapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Download the operating instructions including accessories list here.
Use may only be carried out by authorised and adequately trained persons and in compliance with the applicable laws and safety regulations.

Recommended accessories

Item No.: 410 844

Rim lock removal tool

The robust construction and compact design allows you to quickly and easily remove any rim lock without damaging the rim. The malleable bolts adapt to the profile of the rim lock when struck with a hammer. You can easily store the tool in your toolbox or in the vehicle to have it quickly at hand at any time. Replacement bolts for the loosening tool are available in a set of ten under item number 410835. Buy our rim lock release tool now and make removing rim locks a walk in the park!

Other accessories:

Art.-Nr.: MFW5000/5

Free Wheel Hub

If the Multi Fit Wheel is to be used on the drive axle or on all-wheel-drive vehicles, it is mandatory to use the Free Wheel Hub

Thanks to the freewheel hub, even vehicles with a blocked parking lock on the automatic transmission or engaged gear on the manual transmission can be easily and quickly towed onto trailers or towing platforms. The advantage is that only one freewheel hub is needed. The differential can compensate during the loading process through the freewheel hub, making it possible to pull the vehicle.

Free Wheel Hub. Suitable for: Multi Fit Wheel, Load capacity: max 600kg
Scope of delivery:

- 1x Free-wheel hub
- 6x M12 wheel nut

Special features:

- ensures free wheel travel and differential compensation
- extends the range of applications for Multi Fit Wheel emergency wheels
- use when Multi Fit Wheel has to be mounted on drive axle, e.g. four-wheel drive vehicles
- use on vehicles with gearbox or axle problems
- use on vehicles with stuck brakes
- use on vehicles with stuck parking brakes
- easy mounting between wheel adapter and Multi Fit Wheell
- suitable for 16 and 17 inch Multi Fit Wheel emergency wheels


Multi Fit Wheel vehicle matching list

Vehicle matching list for quick identification of required fitting components. The list keeps track of spacers, need for bolts and other notes.


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ProLux Multi Fit Wheel

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