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Assembly and uses for ProLux spreader beams and lifting frames


Our spreader beams and lifting frames are universal lifting devices suitable for a variety of different loads and applications, including car recovery. In particular, our lifting frames with four suspension points (‘H’ lifting frames) are very popular lifting devices for use with vehicles. These lifting frames distribute the load evenly over four attachment points. The slings, e.g. lifting straps, are positioned from the frame or beam either vertically or at an angle depending on the width of the load. When lifting a car, for example, it is better if the slings are angled away from the vehicle. This lifting technique avoids damage to the bodywork. Here at ProLux, we offer a wide selection of lifting gear that has been designed in-house. Adjustable beams offer users even greater flexibility. These beams provide variable mounting options for the attachment points or allow the length of the beams to be adjusted. Being able to adjust the width or length means that the lifting gear can be easily adapted to suit your individual application. This is very convenient, for example, to enable you to position the load horizontally depending on the centre of gravity.


Recovery spreader bars for breakdown trucks


Spreader bars are also used by vehicle breakdown recovery and towing services. The lifting equipment must be specially adapted for this purpose.  The main use for this type of recovery spreader bar is to lift vehicles, in particular cars. These lifting devices are already designed with the appropriate dimensions and load capacities for this purpose. Our recovery spreader bars and configurable lifting frames are adaptable types of lifting equipment. However, standard lifting frames are often fixed or rigid and therefore not adjustable lifting devices.

Multi-purpose lifting frames


ProLux supplies adaptable multi-purpose lifting frames, which combine all the advantages of fixed and adjustable lifting gear. These multi-purpose lifting frames have been specially developed by ProLux to enable damage-free lifting and loading of cars. They are highly configurable and offer numerous advantages. They can be used with either two or four attachment points for lifting gear. One model also has the option to adjust the width. Our multi-purpose lifting frames can be folded down, making them compact and suitable for transporting.


Spreader beams


Our spreader beams are rigid beams with two suspension points for lifting gear. However, these lifting spreader bars are also extendable, making it possible to adjust the span of the beam. This allows them to be adapted to the width of the car being lifted.


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We supply a large range of lifting equipment including spreader beams and lifting frames for vehicle loading and recovery. Thanks to the different load capacities and models within our range, you're sure to find the right lifting equipment for your application. Please feel free to browse through our range at your leisure. If you have any questions or want more advice, just give us a call – we’re happy to provide you with free comprehensive advice!

Recovery spreader bar


Spreader beams, lifting beams and lifting frames from ProLux are all part of our range of lifting equipment. These beams and frames attach to a crane to lift loads of a certain width and evenly distribute the weight of the load over two or four attachment points. Lifting beams and spreader beams (also known as spreader bars) usually consist of one rigid steel beam while a lifting frame usually has three rigid steel beams. Both lifting frames and lifting beams have a single lug on the top of the frame in the centre for the crane to attach to and two or four load attachment points underneath. In contrast, lifting spreader bars have two lugs on top, one at either end of the beam.

    • SKU: 601654
      • WLL: up to 3500 kg
      • Dimensions: W 2300 x H 367 x D 480 mm
      • Outer width: 2310 - 2760 mm
      • SKU: 601425
        • WLL: 3500 kg
        • Weight: 7.2 kg
        • Dimensions: 300 x 141 x 80 mm
        • SKU: 601604
          • Dimensions: W 2300 x H 365 x D 480 mm
          • Movement: 600 mm
          • WLL: up to 3500 kg
          • SKU: 601614
            • Suitable for: Heavy load hydro lifting gear 601 604
            • SKU: 601624
              • SKU: 601385
                • Width: 2.0 - 3.3 m
                • WLL: up to 3000 kg
                • Weight: 22 kg
                • SKU: 601395
                  • Bestseller
                  SKU: 600395
                  • Width: 2.2 - 2.8 m
                  • WLL: up to 3500 kg
                  • Weight: 40 kg
                  • Bestseller
                  SKU: 601405
                  • Width: 2.47 - 2.8 m
                  • WLL: up to 3500 kg
                  • Weight: 74 kg
                  • SKU: 600015
                    • Width: 2.2 m
                    • WLL: up to 3500 kg
                    • Weight: 96,8 kg
                    • SKU: 600155
                      • Width: 2.3 m
                      • WLL: up to 3500 kg
                      • Weight: 122 kg
                      • SKU: 600195
                        • Width: 2.5 m
                        • WLL: up to 2800 kg
                        • Weight: 129 kg
                        • SKU: 600075
                          • Width: 2.2 m
                          • WLL: up to 3500 kg
                          • Weight: 93 kg
                          • SKU: 600275
                            • Width: 2.4 m
                            • WLL: up to 2800 kg
                            • Weight: 98 kg
                            • SKU: 600604
                              • Dimensions: L 2370 x B 500 x H 350 mm
                              • Movement: 650 mm
                              • WLL: up to 3500 kg
                              • SKU: 600415
                                • WLL: 4500 kg
                                • SKU: 600423
                                  • Hose length: 1.2 m
                                  • Version: 2-piece
                                  • SKU: 600433
                                    • Hose length: 1.5 m
                                    • Version: 2-piece
                                    • SKU: 600442
                                      • Version: 18-piece
                                      • SKU: 600595
                                        • WLL: up to 3500 kg
                                        • Hole pattern: 140 x 140 mm
                                        • SKU: 600165
                                          • Weight: 3.5 kg
                                          • SKU: 600523
                                            • Type: MKG
                                            • Version: for manual rotating head
                                            • WLL: up to 3500 kg
                                            • SKU: 600533
                                              • Type: Palfinger long
                                              • Version: for manual rotating head
                                              • WLL: up to 3500 kg
                                              • SKU: 600065
                                                • WLL: up to 3500 kg
                                                • Weight: 8 kg
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