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Jerry cans are available in many different versions, the most common sizes have contents of 5l, 10l or 20l. Different colours prevent the canisters from being filled one after the other with different fuels. Modern petrol and diesel engines are extremely sensitive to contaminated fuels, so fuel cans should always be filled with the same fuel. There is a trend towards plastic canisters, which are considerably lighter and thus easier to handle than canisters made of sheet steel. Regardless of the material, you should ensure that all jerry cans comply with DIN 7274 or DIN 16904 (canisters for flammable liquids). In addition, all fuel cans used as reserve canisters in vehicles must be TÜV- and GS-tested and preferably UN-approved.

Plastic fuel canisters

These petrol and diesel canisters have become more and more popular in recent decades. They are very light and corrosion-free. The quality of the materials has improved so much in recent years that they can be used in many areas without any problems. They consist of extra thick special HDPE, which is extremely resilient. Nevertheless, they should only be transported almost completely filled. A cool, dark place is suitable for storage, e.g. at the bottom of the boot. If they lie inside a vehicle in the blazing sun, the gases create an enormous internal pressure which allows the gases to escape from the canister.

The durability of HDPE canisters today can easily reach 5 years. There are different spouts to suit the fuel cans. The plastic containers from ProLux come with an outlet pipe. A special spout is available for diesel vehicles with misfuelling protection. It opens the otherwise closed misfuelling flap and allows easy refilling.

Metal fuel canisters:

They are extremely robust and durable. The service life of metal cansisters can reach 10 years without hesitation. They are particularly suitable for commercial vehicles, transport companies, agriculture and forestry or in the municipal sector. If they are transported in closed panel vans (e.g. construction industry, municipal services), the use of sheet steel is recommended. They emit considerably less petrol or diesel vapour. Especially at high temperatures. They are also much less sensitive to rough operation on construction sites. Today, metal canisters are mainly supplied with Jerry-Can bayonet covers. They are often referred to as NATO canisters. This safety closure is very tight, even at high temperatures, so that hardly any vapours can escape. A flexible outlet pipe is available as an option.

Transport of fuel canisters:

Petrol and diesel jerrycans may only be transported in vehicles if they are securely fastened. As accessories for panel vans and trucks, ProLux has brackets in its range that enable the safe and secure transport of up to 3 canisters or other containers. These transport holders also enable breakdown services to have petrol, diesel and coolant with them at all times to help in the event of a breakdown.

Fuel canisters


A fuel can in the car boot does not only give you a calming feeling when you're on holiday. You are stuck in a traffic jam, but you can top up your fuel tank if necessary. Modern diesel vehicles, in particular, save you a lot of money if the fuel system needs to be vented by a specialist workshop after the tank has been emptied. The costs of towing are not taken into account. You can save a lot of time and money by carrying 5 litres of reserve fuel with you.

    • Code no.: 400435
      • Contents: 20 l
      • Dimensions: W 178 x H 435 x D 365 mm
      • Code no.: 400425
        • Dimensions: W 170 x H 324 x D 335 mm
        • Contents: 10 l
        • Code no.: 400415
          • Dimensions: W 147 x H 247 x D 265 mm
          • Contents: 5 l
          • Code no.: 420706
            • Dimensions: W 165 x H 470 x D 345 mm
            • Contents: 20 l
            • Code no.: 420606
              • Dimensions: W 110 x H 400 x D 275 mm
              • Contents: 10 l
              • Code no.: 420655
                • Colour: green
                • Dimensions: W 110 x H 275 x D 245 mm
                • Contents: 5 l
                • Code no.: 420665
                  • Colour: red (RAL 3002)
                  • Dimensions: 245 x 110 x 275 mm
                  • Contents: 5 l
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