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Areas of application for the portable spotlights

The range of applications for LED portable spotlights is wide, as their robust and weather-resistant design makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The handheld spotlights are easy to stow away and always quickly at hand where strong light is needed:

  • When recovering or towing vehicles: E.g. at night, a bright LED light is absolutely helpful. In this case, important details can only be checked with a handheld spotlight.
  • Fire brigade and German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW): Portable spotlights are indispensable for fire brigades or the THW. Here, emergency lighting in the form of LED portable spotlights is regularly used.
  • On construction sites: The handheld spotlights shine where the construction site lighting is not effective. A battery-operated portable spotlight is indispensable here to be able to see and assess details on the construction site accurately.
  • In the workshop: What mechanic doesn't know when strong light is needed in the depths of the engine compartment for troubleshooting or repair? This is where our rechargeable portable spotlight comes in handy.
  • In forestry or hunting: a rechargeable LED hand-held floodlight provides the necessary brightness at the right moment, even when used in the forest.
  • When camping: An LED rechargeable portable spotlight is indispensable when camping. As soon as it gets dark, the handheld spotlight with a powerful rechargeable battery provides sufficient light until late at night.
  • For domestic use: In case of power failure or in the unlit attic, the luminous LEDs of the portable spotlight provide the necessary brightness. Even at night in the garden or in an unlit summer house, the LED portable spotlights provide the best visibility!

What to look for when buying a portable spotlight?

When buying a handheld spotlight, there are a number of points to consider, taking into account the intended use:

If the LED portable spotlight is used frequently, a lamp with a rechargeable battery is recommended because constantly changing the battery will be expensive in the long run.

  • A lithium-ion battery is more powerful than a lead-gel battery.
  • LED is to be preferred as a luminaire element. LED technology is very durable and emits very bright and high-contrast light.
  • The light output of the LED is specified in lumens (lm). The higher the lumen number, the brighter the LED hand lamp shines.
  • LEDs ensure a long luminous period of the lamp due to the lower power consumption.
  • Light modes: 2 brightness levels or more can extend the light duration.
  • Extra flashing modes turn the portable spotlight into a warning lamp. Coloured lenses increase the warning effect.
  • Good stability of the rechargeable portable spotlight helps when using it as a work light.
  • Chargers should be suitable for 12 or 24 and 230 volts.

LED portable spotlight

Our LED portable spotlights provide powerful, bright LED light for optimal illumination. They are stable due to the robust plastic housing in combination with the straight base plate. Our article 310655 also has holding magnets in the base of the housing. The lamp heads can be swivelled so that the light beam can be adjusted as desired. Our LED hand lamps with emergency light function can also be used. This means you are not left in the dark in the event of a power failure. Charging options are available at 12, 24 and 230 volts (depending on the model, see description).

Rechargeable portable spotlight- also with tripod

With rechargeable batteries, our handheld spotlights always have enough energy to support your work with bright light. In addition to a lead-gel battery that has proven itself over many years, we also offer the more modern Li-Ion battery. A high capacity and a long, constant power output are the advantages of batteries with Li-Ion technology. The batteries are charged with a 12-volt or 12/24-volt charger and a 230-volt mains adapter. As an alternative to the charger, there is also a car adapter for recharging the batteries, which is connected to the vehicle's cigarette lighter.

Buy portable spotlights with battery online at ProLux

In addition to sophisticated technology, our professional portable spotlights offer you an optimal price/performance ratio. We also offer handheld spotlights with a folding tripod. The tripod ensures a stable set-up of the spotlight for optimal illumination of your operation site. Without the tripod, the light can be used as a normal handheld spotlight. We will be happy to advise you on the purchase of your portable spotlight! In the product range of the hand lamp, you will find other lamps in our online shop, such as the torch or the inspection lamp. We also have work lights, lighting masts, remote controls spotlights and many other items on offer at the best price.

Portable spotlight


When there is insufficient daylight, our powerful portable spotlights provide radiant and high-contrast light and thus achieve optimum illumination of the site of operation. They are independent of electricity thanks to powerful rechargeable batteries, which are available in two technical versions. Unlike torches, our LED portable spotlights often shine much brighter due to their much higher lumen output. An integrated handle makes the rechargeable handheld spotlights easy to carry, and they can be set up so that they do not tip over.

    • Code no.: 310655
      • Battery: lithium-ions
      • Voltage: 12/24 + 230 V
      • Light efficiency: 950 lm
      • Code no.: 310635
        • Illuminants: LED
        • Voltage: 12 + 230 V
        • Battery: lead battery
        • Code no.: 310345
          • Illuminants: LED
          • Light efficiency: 2200/1100 lm
          • Version: floodlight with stable tripod
          • Code no.: 310405
            • Illuminants: LED
            • Light emitting efficiency: 80 lm/W
            • Dimensions: 148 x 255 x 171 mm
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