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Using tyre repair kits for cars and HGVs

Punctures in vehicle tyres up to approx. 6mm in diameter can be repaired using a tyre repair kit. The kit consists of a small plastic carry case containing the following items: a rasp and an insert needle, both with a T-shaped handle, a knife, sealing lubricant as well as a supply of repair plugs – in short: patches. These are made from a strip of self-vulcanising butyl rubber compound, strengthened by high-tensile nylon threads. This cold vulcanising method produces a durable, hard-wearing bond between the patch and the tyre. The kit is quick and simple to use and repairs can be carried out on site.


First, remove the tyre from the car or truck and assess the damage. The cause of the puncture, such as a nail, can then be removed. Next, use the rasp to roughen up and clean the damaged area and then use this tool to spread the sealant in the hole ensuring that it is evenly distributed. Now thread the repair strips through the eye of the insert needle and push it through the hole into the tyre until only 10mm of the strip is protruding. Rotate the needle 90 degrees and slowly pull it out. The tyre repair plug will remain in place. Finally, cut off the excess patch and reinflate the tyre to the recommended tyre pressure using a compressor. The repair is now complete and the vehicle can be driven away.


What you need to know about tubeless tyre repairs

Directive 6 of §36 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) sets out the legal regulations for repairing tyre damage under the titles “Assessing tyre damage to pneumatic tyres” and “Repair of pneumatic tyres”. All tubeless tyres, whether they are car, motorbike and HGV tyres, can be repaired under this regulation. The description includes different types of tyre repairs. Removing the tyre from the rim is obligatory. No restrictions are set out with regard to how far the vehicle may be driven following a correctly performed repair.

In general, most tyre damage can be repaired using a car tyre repair kit (except: if the tyre manufacturer excludes a particular model from being repaired). This kit is particularly recommended for use on new tyres with good tread depth. It is essential that the tyre damage is repaired shortly after the puncture has occurred, and that the vehicle is not driven far with low tyre pressure. It certainly makes sense from an economic point of view not to fit a new tyre straight away. Also, if the vehicle uses an indirect tyre pressure monitoring system it is possible that after fitting a new tyre, the second tyre on the axle might also need to be replaced (different rolling circumference). Repairs are only intended to be carried out in the tread area of the tyre. For motorbikes, repairs are restricted to the central tread area. Other exceptions can be found in the above-mentioned directive. If a tyre sealant (e.g. solvent repair kit) has already been used then the tyre must not be repaired again. Tyre repairs that have been carried out without removing the tyre from the rim should be checked as soon as possible in a suitable nearby garage.


Accessories and refill kits

It is recommended that you keep an air compressor in your car so that you can reinflate the tyre following a repair. You can purchase extra repair plugs for your tubeless tyre repair kit in our tyre repair refill kits.


Tyre puncture repair kits in the ProLux online shop

We supply two tried-and-tested tyre repair kits. Both tyre repair kits for HGVs and car tyre repair kits are available from the ProLux online shop. We also supply suitable accessories and tools for tyres and tyre changes.

Tyre repair kits


Car with a puncture? When providing roadside assistance, flat tyres can be repaired quickly and cheaply using a tyre repair kit. The tyre repair kit contains sealant and a tool so that you can patch a small hole in a tyre safely and quickly on site. Once the hole has been successfully repaired with the puncture repair kit, the car or HGV can be driven away immediately.

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