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New mobility concepts,
new challenges!

The challenge: New drive systems require different handling with and working on vehicles. In addition, the different types of vehicles carry different potential hazards.
Basically, there is little danger from operating electrical systems. However, since it is not possible to predict how or whether the system is correctly operating or if it might be damaged, the basic protection of the employee is of primary importance. It is also essential to be equipped for all purposes.


The difference between electric car and electric commercial vehicle!

Car usually high-voltage intrinsically safe

Commercial vehicle usually high-voltage intrinsically safe


What does high-voltage intrinsically safe mean?

HV intrinsically safe means that technical measures taken on the vehicle ensure complete protection against contact and arcing with the HV system.
This is achieved in particular by:


- technically safe shutdown of the HV system
- automatic discharge of energy storage devices before reaching live parts
- cable connections via plugs in arc-proof design and not via screw connections
- safe shutdown of the HV system when removing covers of the HV system

Vehicles with high-voltage systems are generally intrinsically safe, meaning that in the event of a breakdown the passengers can assume that there is no danger from the vehicle's electrical components. Accordingly, the breakdown service is usually without risk potential. However, this only applies as long as the fault can be rectified without interfering with the high-voltage systems and there is no damage caused by an accident. Furthermore, there is an increased risk if the vehicle is salvaged from snow and water. An electric shock or arc is a potential hazard, and most vehicles are equipped with appropriate safety devices to protect against this. However, not all vehicles, especially commercial vehicles, are fully protected against this.


Follow the instructions in the
safety rules of electrical engineering!


- unlock
- secure against restarting
- determine absence of voltage
- grounding and short circuiting
- cover or isolate adjacent live parts


The first three safety rules must always be applied. Whether the fourth and fifth
safety rule needs to be applied must be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Your suitable equipment for working on electric/hybrid vehicles!

Whether on site or in the workshop, you will find the right product for every application and location in the following selection. Each individual task area has its own challenges. As a rule, our customers operate in all of these task areas, for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, which is why we have included a large selection of articles in our range.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) can reduce or eliminate the effects of hazards on people. The following articles of personal protective equipment are to be understood as a selection. We offer articles for different risk categories. An appropriate selection should be made with a PPE specialist in relation to the intended use. In principle, however, it can be said that complete protection from head to toe is highly recommended.


Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Face and eye protection


The use of suitable tools, markings, safety devices when handling electric/hybrid vehicles and corresponding high-voltage systems can significantly increase safety.


Marking and securing the vehicle

Isolation of the work area

Insulation material


Insulated rescue pole

Insulated rescue pole for rescuing people from the danger zone in case of electrical accidents. For indoor and outdoor use, but not in the event of rainfall. The insulated rescue pole is made of glass fibre/polyester resin and has a safety disc to prevent slipping. The permanently mounted rescue hook is suitable for rescuing persons of up to 150 kg.

Need further advise? We are glad to help!

We are your professional partner with suitable products all around breakdown service, towing, recovery and for the workshop regarding electric/hybrid vehicles.

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