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Rope winches from ProLux are used to move, recover or lift objects or loads of all kinds. Winches are driven electrically, hydraulically or manually. You will find a large selection of different winches in every price class for many types of applications at ProLux. Powerful motors and gearboxes combined with robust quality ensure your successful use. Choose the right winch for you - and start working effortlessly.

We distinguish between winches for pulling or lifting, and here we will focus on winches for pulling objects.

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Winches from renowned manufacturers guarantee quality and safety

ProLux exclusively offers best-quality rope winches from major manufacturers at reasonable prices. Almost all of them comply with the current EN 14492-1. ProLux thus ensures safe and reliable performance and, if necessary, a long-term supply of spare parts.

Areas of application and tractive force of winches

There is a very wide range of applications for cable winches in everyday practice, the requirements of which often cannot be covered by just one type. In principle, the following characteristics apply to a cable winch - regardless of the drive:

  • Clutch: allows the pull rope to be quickly unrolled in order to detect more distant objects as well
  • Remote control: winch control by radio or cable (depending on equipment)
  • Cable guide: the winch cable winds reliably only onto the cable drum
  • Pulley: increases the pulling force of the winch      

Traction force up to 800kg:

electric and manual versions, they are suitable for trailers on which the corresponding loads are towed, e.g. compact class rollable cars, motorcycles, boats on trailers, mobile wood splitters - in short, everything that is movable. Disassembly is party possible

Traction force 1,000kg to 3.5t:

electric and hydraulic versions, up to 1,100 kg also with manual operation. They are used on medium- and high-capacity trailers, lighter towing platforms, off-road vehicles, car transporters, as forestry winches, etc.

Traction force 4t to 5t:

both electric and hydraulic winches are available. They are particularly suitable for more powerful tow trucks for recovering motor vehicles, unimogs, heavy tractors, fire engines, etc.


Manual winch

The force is transmitted to the rope by muscle power.

  • Advantage: no electricity required
  • Disadvantage: traction force limited

Electric winch

A 12- or 24-V motor drives the winch drum.

  • Advantage: usually, power is available on any vehicle, easy installation
  • Disadvantage: very high power consumption, becomes very hot during continuous operation, requires cooling times

Hydraulic winch

A hydraulic motor drives the winch drum.

  • Advantage: permanently loadable (sufficient oil cooling or quantity provided), fast rope speed, traction force up to 30t available.
  • Disadvantage: Requires hydraulic system on the carrier vehicle.

At our ProLux webshop you can get both your desired winch and the corresponding accessories. Specialists are ready to answer or implement your questions or requests.