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Uses for car wheel dollies

Wheel dollies are used to manoeuvre vehicles. Breakdown and towing services use car wheel dollies every day. They can be used to move vehicles that are no longer drivable or that have been parked illegally and have to be taken away. The vehicle might have a blocked wheel or may need to be manoeuvred out of a narrow parking bay. ProLux wheel dollies can rotate 360 degrees, therefore the vehicle can too.

Display vehicles in a car showroom can be manoeuvred into place without leaving tyre marks on the floor. In a garage, cars can be inch-perfectly positioned using vehicle dollies. When it comes to moving cars, our car moving dollies are the first choice. Conversely, trolley jacks can only be used to lift vehicles. Manoeuvring raised cars with a trolley jack carries a high accident risk and is therefore prohibited.

Different types of vehicle dollies

We supply different types of wheel dollies. What they all have in common is a saddle for the wheel and four 360° rotating castors, which give the wheel dollies excellent manoeuvrability.

Wheel dollies

Our wheel dollies also known as jack dollies, are the bestsellers from our range of car towing aids. They are robust, top quality and a conveniently low weight. Each model has a foot pedal and a sturdy mechanism for safely raising (and lowering) the vehicle tyres. The wheel dolly then takes over the vehicle rolling motion while holding the car wheel securely in place. Once all four tyres are mounted on a wheel dolly, the car can be moved around as required. GOJAK wheel dollies are available in a variety of practical designs, including models suitable for vehicles with low ground clearance or wide tyres. GoJak wheel dollies have a maximum load capacity of up to 782kg per GoJak. Our Wheel Dolly 600 works in a similar way, however, it also has particularly robust, ball-bearing castors. It is therefore especially suitable for use on slightly uneven floor surfaces and for pulling cars onto flatbed tow trucks. The Autolift Slalom 388/A has the same mechanisms but is especially suitable for use in tight spaces thanks to its very narrow track width. If you are looking for a hydraulic car wheel dolly, then our Hydraulic Autolift offers excellent value for money.

Wheel skates

We also supply sturdy car wheel dollies without a lifting mechanism. The car is raised using a trolley jack or car jack. The wheel skate is then slid under the tyre. By placing a wheel skate under all four tyres, the vehicle can be moved around as desired. Our wheel skates have a load capacity of between 450kg and 600kg per skate. Our wheel skates are available at excellent prices.

Uses for towing aids

Breakdown and towing services as well as garages work with our towing aids every day. Our wide range of products means that there is a suitable tool for almost any situation involving transporting vehicles. Broken down or damaged vehicles of any kind that cannot be repaired roadside can be loaded onto the relevant transport vehicle using our equipment.

Different types of towing aids

Tow dollies

ProLux tow dollies all have a sturdy construction and a smooth-operating mechanism to raise and lower vehicle tyres. Tow dollies have two rigid axles with ball-bearing mounted solid rubber wheels, which provide very good tracking stability. Our Sprinter wheel dollies are suitable for wheel widths up to 325mm and they have a maximum load capacity of up to 950kg per dolly.

Sprinter wheel dollies are ideally suited to transporting vehicles over short distances. ProLux tow dollies from our Dolly range have a large diameter and pneumatic tyres. Due to the very sturdy design and wide track width, these tow dollies are particularly suited to transporting vehicles over long distances. Our tow dollies have a permissible axle load of up to 1950kg and can be driven up to 90km/h. For XXL vehicles, such as lorries or buses, we have our HGV tow dolly, Truck Skate. It is compatible with all 22.5” HGV tyres and has a load capacity of 8 tonnes per Truck Skate. An alternative to our tow dollies are our wheel skates. Wheel skates allow you to pull vehicles simply and quickly onto trailers or slidebeds. 

Tow bars and tow ropes

Our range of tow poles includes suitable options for both cars and HGVs weighing from 3.5 to 44 tonnes. You can find the right tow bar for your specific application thanks to the variety of available models, which all offer a range of different practical features. However, if a tow bar is not an option for your particular task, then take a look at our tow ropes. They can pull up to 4 tonnes.

Tow skates and spare tyres

Wreckmaster skates from ProLux are ideal for loading and unloading vehicles with blocked wheels. The tow skates are hit into place under the blocked tyre and replace the rolling movement of the tyres when the vehicle is pulled. The wedges are specially shaped to accept disc brakes, therefore they can also be used with vehicles without tyres.

Spare tyres are used to replace damaged or missing wheels. Having a spare wheel allows the vehicle to reach the nearest garage quickly.

Forklift vehicle mover

The forklift vehicle mover has been developed exclusively by ProLux! With the forklift vehicle mover you can use your forklift to manoeuvre vehicles that cannot be driven into the perfect parking position. This is an effective, space-saving method for positioning your vehicles.

Trolley jacks

Our range of towing aids also includes two ideal trolley jacks with high load capacities, maximum lift heights that are quickly achieved and non-skid rubber contact pads. Our trolley jacks are made of aluminium. They are popular due to their low unladen weight and high lift heights.


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We have specialised in this field for over 25 years. Thanks to our in-depth understanding of the practical challenges that our customers face, we have been able to design the perfect tools and accessories for your use. Check out our extensive range online. Of course, we also offer free expert advice!

Car wheel dollies


Car wheel dollies and towing aids from ProLux help breakdown and towing services to transport and load vehicles that can no longer be driven. Wheel dollies make moving cars easier, especially in tight spaces. After the vehicle has been accurately manoeuvred into position, it can be easily pulled onto a tow truck or trailer using our wheel dollies or towing aids, such as tow bars. Car wheel dollies are also often used to position cars in car showrooms and garages.

    • Code no.: 611695
      • Fixing: magnet
      • Battery: 9V block battery, 650 mAh
      • Charging time: approx. 5 h
      • Code no.: 409905
        • Length: 550 mm/800 mm
        • Wheel Ø: 100 mm
        • Load cap.: 680 kg
        • Code no.: 409895
          • Wheel Ø: 100 mm
          • Load cap.: up to 590 kg
          • Tyre width: up to 280 mm
          • Bestseller
          Code no.: 410065
          • Wheel Ø: 100/125 mm
          • Load cap.: up to 715 kg
          • Tyre width: up to 330 mm
          • Code no.: 410005
            • Wheel Ø: 73 mm
            • Load cap.: up to 575 kg
            • Tyre width: up to 510 mm
            • Code no.: 440205
              • Height: 160 mm
              • Width: 490 mm
              • Length: 810 / 1090 mm
              • Code no.: 440105
                • Height: 135 mm
                • Width: 350 mm
                • Length: 700 mm
                • Code no.: 440145
                  • Height: 140 mm
                  • Width: 350 mm
                  • Length: 700 mm
                  • Code no.: 410095
                    • Wheel Ø: 80 mm
                    • Load cap.: 500 kg
                    • Speed: up to 5 km/h
                    • Code no.: 409983
                      • Code no.: 409955
                        • Height: 140 mm
                        • Width: 390 mm
                        • Length: 600 mm
                        • Bestseller
                        Code no.: 409975
                        • Height: 140 mm
                        • Width: 341 mm
                        • Length: 605 mm
                        • Code no.: 409995
                          • Height: 125 mm
                          • Width: 341 mm
                          • Length: 645 mm
                          • Bestseller
                          Code no.: 430755
                          • Material: aluminium
                          • Load cap.: 3.0 t
                          • Weight: 26.8 kg
                          • Code no.: 430965
                            • Material: aluminium
                            • Load cap.: 2.0 t
                            • Weight: 21 kg
                            • Code no.: 430765
                              • Material: aluminium
                              • Load cap.: 1.35 t
                              • Weight: 10 kg
                              • Code no.: 409705
                                • Material: aircraft aluminium 6061-T6
                                • Wheel size: 6 ''
                                • Load cap./pair: 1800 kg
                                • Code no.: 409715
                                  • Material: aircraft aluminium 6061-T6
                                  • Wheel size: 6 ''
                                  • Load cap./pair: 1800 kg
                                  • Bestseller
                                  Code no.: 410075
                                  • Wheel Ø: 76 mm
                                  • Load cap.: up to 782 kg
                                  • Tyre width: up to 500 mm
                                  • Code no.: 410755
                                    • Material: aluminium
                                    • Dimensions: 1270 x 640 mm
                                    • Fits: GOJAK 5211/6200/6313
                                    • Code no.: 410785
                                      • Fits: GOJAK 6200/6313
                                      • Dimensions: 940 x 230 x 600 mm
                                      • Code no.: 410025
                                        • Code no.: 410705
                                          • Version: galvanised
                                          • Suitable for: GOJAK 4520, 5211, 6313, 7016
                                          • Code no.: 410715
                                            • Version: galvanised
                                            • Suitable for: GOJAK 4520, 5211, 6313, 7016
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