Fields of application of mechanical winches

Our small hand winches are successfully used in many situations. Manual hand winches have the great advantage that, in contrast to hydraulic winches or electric winches, the winches do not require electricity or oil pressure for operation. The mechanical power is provided exclusively by hand via the crank. The assembly by simply screwing on the small hand winch guarantees a quick readiness for operation. The low weight is also an advantage of these hand winches.


Thanks to the compact design of the mechanical winch, only little space is required on the object of operation, e.g. the car trailer or semi-trailer. The winch body itself is very compact and therefore requires little space. The crank is detachable, too, which also helps to save space. You can easily pull rolling loads onto the trailer. But our hand winches are also used in the workshop, in the hangar, or on construction sites. With load capacities of up to 1.15 t, our manual winches can also move heavy loads. Or they lift your loads comfortably in connection with snatch blocks. Our manual winches are also used in the agricultural sector or in the forestry sector. You see: The possible applications of our hand winches are manifold!

The main differences between the manual winches

There are many models of manual hand winches on the market. They range from simple models at reasonable prices to professional winches with appropriate safety equipment, such as ours. What differences do you have to pay particular attention to when buying a mechanical winch?

  • Steel construction: The winch should be made of stable, tempered and galvanized steel. This ensures a long-lasting, robust functionality. Above all, high-quality galvanisation protects against corrosion.
  • Load pressure brake: Very important! This brake holds the attached load, even if the hand crank is released when pulling a load. This prevents the crank from recoiling and the load is held securely by the winch cable or belt.
  • Automatic unwinding: You can easily pull off the rope or belt wound on the drum. Without this freewheel, you will have to unwind your rope or belt slowly and laboriously.
  • Crank handle removable: After finishing your operation, simply remove the hand crank. This way, it is not in the way and external operation of the hand winch is excluded.


As you can see, there are several aspects you have to consider in order to buy an optimal manual winch. Our hand winches from AL-KO already come with these important built-in features for function and safety in every model. In addition, these mechanical winches comply with the current EC standard EN 13157 and meet the requirements of the CE directive and the machinery directive.

Purchase small hand winches with brakes in the ProLux Online Shop

We offer a large selection of winches in our online shop. There are three models with the lifting capacities 0.5 t, 0.9 t and 1.15 t in our range in the field of hand winches. Robust quality, longevity and functional safety are the top priorities for manual winches. We also have various accessories for these winches available for you: Wire ropes and webbing in various lengths. Do you still need detailed advice for your application? Simply contact us - free and professional advice awaits you!

Hand winch


ProLux hand winches pull or lift loads in various fields of application. A galvanized rope or a belt strap is pulled onto the winch by means of a manually operated crank. The gear reduction of the winch enables high pulling forces without extreme effort. A load pressure brake holds the load when the rope or belt is tensioned, i.e. under load. We offer AL-KO manual winches with different tractive forces from 0.5 t to 1.15 t and galvanised design.

      • Traction force: 0,5 t
      • Weight: 4 kg
      Code no.: 631 405
        • Traction force: 0.9 t
        • Weight: 8 kg
        Code no.: 631 505
          • Traction force: 1.15 t
          • Weight: 13 kg
          Code no.: 631 605
            • Length: 10 m
            • Ø: 7 mm
            • MBL according to EN 12385-4: 3480 kg
            Code no.: 707 105
              • Length: 20 m
              • Ø: 7 mm
              • MBL according to EN 12385-4: 3480 kg
              Code no.: 707 205
              • Code no.: 631 406
                • Code no.: 631 506
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