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What you need for your workshop

Workshop planning - and above all setting it up in the best possible wayis not easy. A rationalised workflow, professional garage equipment with tools and aids on one hand ensures a satisfactory level of efficiency, and on the other hand impresses the customer with its professional appearance. At ProLux, you will find everything you need for a practical workflow.

Alles rund um die Werkstatt, vom Klemmbrett bis zur Arbeitsleuchte
Arbeiten am Motor in der Werkstatt

Well equipped

Whether an independent garage or manufacturer's workshop, whether repairing or maintaining cars and HGVs - each specialisation requires appropriately dimensioned tools and workflow equipment. We offer you the necessary equipment for professional work.

Workshop equipment

Here you will find everything you need to know about workshop equipment, from tools, measuring devices repair and test/inspection tools, manoeuvring aids, chargers and the organisation of your orders. This ensures that your workshop is always perfectly organised.

"Get to work!"

Every day requires your skills in the workshop or in breakdown service to solve both familiar and new problems. Is your car or HGV no longer working? Then pinpoint the faults with the right inspection and test equipment. Troubleshooting based on experience and high-quality tools.

Working on the vehicle

Here you'll find professional tools for working with spanners. Whether socket spanner sets, tool sets, ratchet combination spanners, spanner extensions, cardan shaft spanners, screw extractors and much more.

Changing tyres

In order to lift the vehicle in the workshop to change tyres, mobile mobile racing jacks are often used in addition to the stationary lift. The wheel nuts are loosened or tightened using a cordless impact wrench and tools such as a socket spanner for fitting wheels, a rim lock loosening tool set, sockets and a torque wrench.

Protection against electric shock

When working on electric cars, our complete kit - consisting of a face mask, high-voltage rubber gloves and a carrying bag - protects you from electrical injuries caused by high voltage.


Repairing and mending

In order to help the customer to quickly continue their short journey, we offer many useful quick repair kits. They help in the event of defective tyres, compressed air lines, exhaust pipes, radiator hoses, electrical lines and much more.

Check and test

Thanks to our fault and test devices, you can quickly find the cause of the breakdown: Diagnostic tools, engine testers, battery testers, current clamps, trailer socket testers, trailer lighting testers and much more can be found here:

Working on the battery and with electricity

You will also discover a wide range of products such as start boosters, chargers, memory safer, combi testers etc.


Working with oil and fuel

We have everything that is useful when it comes to oil and fuel. Canisters, funnels, manual fuel pumps, electric and air-operated fuel pumps - you name it!


Our sets prevent damage and soiling when working on the customer's vehicle. The clean set protects the area around driver's seat, steering wheel etc., the universal seat protector for HGVs and the mudguard protector for the bodywork. The self-adhesive protective film is universally applicable.

Mobile light

You know the situation - inadequate lighting makes it difficult to work precisely. Bright illumination of your area of application is absolutely essential. We offer you the solution with our mobile lights. Compact, light and bright - that's what transportable light should be. See for yourself!

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