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The right inspection light for every job in the workshop

Professional rechargeable work lamps and inspection lights  by ProLux meet a range of essential criteria. They feature powerful and bright LEDs with excellent light distribution, ensuring optimal lighting for various tasks. Whether you're working in a dark engine compartment or need precise illumination, our work lamps reveal every necessary detail. The choice of light source is pivotal for a high-quality inspection light, and LEDs offer numerous advantages. Not only do they produce outstanding illumination, but they are also energy-efficient and resistant to impacts. All our LED inspection lamps are made of impact-resistant and shock-absorbing plastic, making them robust enough to withstand accidental drops. In addition to their lighting capabilities, our work lamps offer versatile attachment options, including built-in magnets, fastening eyes, hooks, and retaining clips. Some models also have bendable designs for ergonomic handling. This means that our inspection lights can ideally be attached to the vehicle in such a way that both hands are free for work. This also prevents annoying light shadows.

LED inspection light with battery

In our LED rechargeable work lights with rechargeable batteries, modern lithium-ion technology ensures that the lamp burns for a long time. Here, too, COB LEDs or SMD LEDs provide powerful, bright light. At the same time, there is no need to worry about short or tangled power cables. This makes the LED battery light the perfect companion for mobile use. These rechargeable inspection lights can also be used as torches. The Li-Ion rechargeable batteries are quickly charged under 230 V or 12/24 V. Thanks to their low self-discharge, they can be left unused for longer periods and still be ready for use. Here too, magnets, rotating hooks or eyelets and the bendable design ensure optimal placement of the inspection light in the work area.

Multifunctional inspection lights

Our multifunctional inspection lights are rechargeable work lights that can be used in a variety of ways due to their design. The lamp illuminates even small openings without any problems due to its narrow and swivelling design. In addition, the lamp fits into the folding rule pocket of the work trousers, so it is always at hand. Powerful COB LEDs provide bright, high-contrast illumination. A torch function is also available. The battery is universally rechargeable: 230 V, 12/24 V or via USB connection.

Inspection lights with and without hooks

ProLux rod lamps are very popular in the workshop due to their wide beam of light. These inspection lights are attached via a built-in magnet and hook for hanging. For longer jobs and for people who don't want to worry about charging a lamp's battery, we recommend our LED inspection lights model BS or ES. These two inspection lights get their power either from the mains or from the vehicle's battery via the cigarette socket. But even the version with rechargeable battery offers 3.5 hours of bright light. In contrast to tubular lamps, our LED versions are very robust and impact-resistant, and thus offer a long service life in conjunction with the LEDs.

A special feature is our LED multi-purpose lamp with bonnet attachment. When unfolded, the inspection light is securely and firmly attached to the opened engine bonnet. Now 120 SMD LEDs provide perfect illumination of the engine compartment. But the light can also be used to illuminate any area of application when folded out, thanks to its stable feet. It can also be used as a warning light. When folded out into a stable triangle, the lamp resembles a luminous warning triangle. In this function, the staff light emits an orange or red flashing light. In this way, our LED inspection light also optimally secures danger spots.

Buy your LED inspection light cheap online at ProLux

We have a wide range of LED inspection lights in different designs, with different mounting options such as magnets or hooks and professional quality at an excellent price-performance ratio. Take a look around our online shop in the vehicle lighting category. In addition to LED work lights and inspection lights, you will also find torch lights and portable spotlights in the hand lamps section.

Inspection lamps


Good light is essential to be able to do good work. Our LED inspection lamps provide optimal lighting, especially for work in the workshop or for mobile use. The ProLux inspection lamps with their powerful LED or COB LED produce a radiant light at the place of use. The built-in rechargeable batteries have Li-Ion technology and versatile charging options. This ensures a long lighting period and a bright light at all times.

    • SKU: 311835
      • Length folded: 110 mm
      • Length: 180 mm
      • Weight: 94 g
      • SKU: 311566
        • Illuminants: 1 COB-LED + 1 SMD-LED
        • Light efficiency: 600/100 lm
        • Length: 310 mm
        • SKU: 311536
          • Illuminants: 1 COB-LED + 1 SMD-LED
          • Light efficiency: 400/100 lm
          • Length: 283 mm
          • SKU: 311805
            • Illuminants: 15 Osram SMD-LED 3 W + 1 W LED
            • Length: 255 mm
            • Light efficiency: 240 lm
            • SKU: 312425
              • Voltage: 12 + 230 V
              • Length: 730 mm
              • Light efficiency: 1350 lm
              • SKU: 310955
                • Length: 540 mm
                • Illuminants: LED
                • Weight: 300 g
                • SKU: 312313
                  • Length: 41.2 cm
                  • Illuminants: 80 LED
                  • Voltage: 12 + 230 V
                  • SKU: 312323
                    • Length: 39 cm
                    • Illuminants: 60 LED
                    • Voltage: 12 V
                    • SKU: 312333
                      • Length: 38 cm
                      • Illuminants: 60 + 9 LED
                      • Voltage: 230 V
                      • SKU: 312445
                        • Light efficiency: 1100 lm
                        • Protection type: IPX4
                        • Battery: battery 3.7 V 4400 mAh
                        • SKU: 311845
                          • Length folded: 145 mm
                          • Length: 248 mm
                          • Weight: 130 g
                          • SKU: 312485
                            • Light efficiency: 350 lm
                            • Protection type: IP54
                            • Battery: battery 3.7 V 2200 mAh
                            SKU: 312435
                            • Light efficiency: 300 lm
                            • Protection type: IPX3
                            • Battery: Battery 3.7 V 600 mAh
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