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Simple torch light or multifunctional torch light

Generally, when it comes to hand lamps - the rechargeable torch light is also a hand lamp - the LED versions are to be preferred. The illuminant LED offers only advantages in comparison to the old technology with light bulbs. An LED torch light offers a very bright, white and high-contrast light. The luminous range of an LED torch light is much greater. The strength of the light of the lamp is measured in lumen. LED are with approx. 5-6 times the lumen output above that of a common light bulb. At the same time the LED is energy-saving. So there is everything in favor of LED torch lights. This is why ProLux only offers rechargeable torch lights with LED.


The simple versions of the torch lights with LED can only be switched on and off. Improved models - as they are available from us - have an adjustable light cone and often an additional flashing function. With a choice of different brightness levels, the light intensity can be adjusted to suit the situation. At the same time, the light duration can be influenced. Depending on the model, our flashlights can be powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries. Besides the common torch lights for the pocket or the hand, we also offer a head lamp. This is not for the hand, but as the name suggests, for the forehead or head (head lamp).

What to look for when buying an LED torch light

Before you buy your torch light, you need to clarify what scope of use you want to cover with the lamp. For occasional use at close range as an additional auxiliary light without special brightness requirements, a simple LED torch light of the most economical range is sufficient. However, ProLux only offers torch lights that meet professional requirements. Our LED torch lights are equipped with  a strong and bright to extremely bright light. This allows the area of application to be illuminated in such a way that safe and effective work is possible. Our high-power head lamp is also designed for close range. With a head lamp you always have both hands free and can concentrate fully on your job. It is advantageous that the light cone of the LED head lamp always follows the movement of your head. The head lamp therefore always shines exactly in the required direction. The light intensity is adjustable. You can also often choose different power levels in lumen with our LED torch lights. The indication of the luminosity in lumen is much more effective for brightness comparison than the power indication of the LED in Watt. Efficient LEDs convert the power into more light than less efficient LEDs. We offer high-quality LED torch lights with efficiency LEDs up to over 2300 lumens of luminosity available. In the last case, the brightness corresponds to the power of a light bulb with over 150 watts. These torch lights reach a light range of several hundred meters without any problems. The adjustable light cone allows you to illuminate the view between close-up and distant areas with the light of your torch.

In addition to brightness, there are other requirements for LED torch lights. The light should be adjustable. For example, you do not need the full brightness at close range. For example, you do not need full brightness at close range. Or you need to be careful with the rechargeable battery or batteries during long-term use. By using different brightness levels of the LED flashlights you benefit from both advantages. In special emergency situations you need a warning signal. Our LED torch lights can often emit fast and partly different flash/flash sequences. Also the SOS code as light is partly possible (depending on the model). This enables you to signalize a special warning signal in the immediate surroundings of your operation. The road users in the affected area can then react with increased caution. If you use the LED torch light in any weather, a waterproof version is recommended.


Basically, you should clarify the following questions when selecting the most suitable torch light for you: Do you only need the lamp in mobile use? Or permanently in the workshop? In this case, a portable spotlight with a stable stand or a inspection lamp could also be considered. A workshop lamp in particular is optimised for good close-range illumination. It also offers various mounting options. Of course, torch lights can also be used here. But they are mainly intended for mobile use.


The energy supply of torch lights is an important issue. Batteries - such as standard AA batteries or alkaline-based AAA batteries - have the advantage that they can quickly be exchanged. In addition, the availability of these batteries in stores is excellent. Storage is also problem-free. Of course it is also a question of cost. If you need a torch more often, a rechargeable battery will quickly make itself paid. ProLux only offers modern and proven lithium-ion batteries. The Li-Ion technology combines high battery performance with low self-discharge. Even if the battery torch light is not used for a few months, the Li-Ion battery hardly loses any power. Depending on the model of the LED torch light, charging is carried out with a mains adapter at 230 V, or by means of an adapter at 12 or 24 V in the vehicle. Charging via USB cable or USB connection is also possible with some models.

Buy torch lights or headlamps online at ProLux

A professional selection of light, bright LED flashlights, inspection lamps and portable spotlights is available online. All lamps are designed for practical use and are of high quality. Of course we also pay attention to a good price-performance ratio for these lamps. Do you need our advice for your selection of a suitable lamp? Just give us a call. We will help you quickly and free of charge!

Torch lights


ProLux torch lights are indispensable helpers in the professional as well as the private sector. Thanks to their compact dimensions and low weight, these lightweight lamps can always be carried along. Due to the built-in LED, the rechargeable torch lights offer bright light with high lumen output. Among the common torch lights are also the headlamps. Basically, our LED torch lights offer a very good illumination range in addition to a high-quality workmanship. The torch lights at ProLux are available either with batteries or rechargeable batteries.

      • Light efficiency: 100 lm
      • Protection type: IP54
      • Battery: 2 x AAA
        • Light efficiency: 600 lm
        • Protection type: IPX2
        • Battery: battery 3.7 V 2600 mAh
        Code no.: 312 475
          • Dimensions: Ø 32 x 110 mm
          • Light efficiency: max. 1000 lm
          Code no.: 311 376
            • Dimensions: Ø 47 x 153.5 mm
            • Light efficiency: max. 1000 lm
            Code no.: 311 386
                • Voltage: 3.7 V
                • Type of construction: 18650
                    • Suitable for: 311 536 + 311 566
                    • Voltage: 12/24 V
                    Code no.: 311 546
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