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Thanks to the range of different versions, GoJaks  can be used for a wide variety of applications. In car dealerships, the GoJak is used to move cars of all sizes into position in the showroom. Towing services use it for example to move cars - whose wheels are blocked - out of parking spaces in prohibited areas. This means that the cars can be moved without having to be opened and then loaded and transported away. Rescue services, such as the fire brigade, also use them to move vehicles that are blocking paths in the event of an emergency. Cars being repaired in body shops or garages are often moved with Gojaks. They make it easy to move and position cars on a wide variety of surfaces, e.g. wood, tiles, carpets, etc. And all that without emissions or damage. The fact that they are manoeuvring aids that do not cause any damage also make the GoJaks interesting for car enthusiasts and collectors. They like to use them to move their classic cars or similar vehicles gently in garages in order to achieve optimum space utilisation in confined spaces.


One of the major advantages of our original GoJak is that it is extremely easy to adapt to the required tyre size and lift the wheel. We also offer suitable models for wide tyres and lowered vehicles. The manoeuvring jack can be adjusted over a wide range in the pick-up width. It can be adjusted to the wheel size in just a few simple steps. The tyres are lifted using the patented mechanical lifting function. Simply press the integrated pedal to generate the necessary lifting force to raise the tyre. And the subsequent lowering works in the same way. In addition, the GoJak is extremely manoeuvrable thanks to its 360-degree swivel castors and its sturdy construction made of tempered steel. The GoJak is manufactured entirely in the USA and is subject to strict quality controls. All parts of the shunting aid are available from us at short notice as spare parts in the event of a breakdown.


Four different versions have been developed in order to have the perfect GoJak for as many vehicles as possible. Today, GoJak shunting aids can move everything from small cars and lowered sports cars with extremely wide tyres to heavy SUVs with large tyre diameters without any problems:

GOJAK 4500 (4520)

The GoJak GJ4500 is designed for lowered and sporty vehicles. The GoJak 4500 manoeuvring jack has an extremely low overall height and accommodates tyre widths of up to 510 mm. As a single unit, the maximum load capacity of the GoJak GJ4500 is up to 575 kg. There is a double bearing for the wheel mounting on the GoJak 4500.

GOJAK 5000 (5211)

This version accommodates tyre widths of up to 280 mm and has a load capacity of up to 590 kg per unit. This is the standard version among our manoeuvring jacks.

GOJAK 6313

This is our most popular and universal size. With a load capacity of up to 715 kg each, this GoJak shunting aid can accommodate a wheel width of up to 330 mm.

GOJAK 7016

This model has been specially developed for heavy SUVs and for means of transport with dual wheels. The GoJak 7016 is suitable for tyre widths up to 500 mm, the load capacity per unit is up to 782 kg. This means that four of these GoJaks on a vehicle can lift a total weight of over 3 tonnes. The wheel mounting is also double-mounted here.


We have been offering these mobile manoeuvring jacks, which have been tried and tested for years, in four versions at favourable prices. Thanks to their simple handling and well thought-out design, manoeuvring with the GoJaks is very easy. This gives you a useful aid at an attractive price-performance ratio. Of course, we also offer matching accessories. In addition to tow dollies, tow bars and tow ropes, you will also find car jacks, tools and many other interesting products in our shop.



The original GOJAK manoeuvring jacks are the professional shunting aids produced by the market leader GoJak from the USA. With these manoeuvring jacks, you have an optimum aid when it comes to moving vehicles without a drive. The GoJak is attached to the wheel(s) and lifts each wheel by operating a foot pedal. Cars can then be easily manoeuvred or moved to the desired position with centimetre precision by using your own strength.

    • Code no.: 409815
      • Ø roll: 100 mm
      • Width: 40 mm
      • Material: polyurethane
      • Code no.: 409825
        • outer Ø: 75 mm
        • Width: 48 mm
        • Material: polyurethane
        • Code no.: 410775
          • Version: With self locking
          • Suitable for: GOJAK 4520, 5211, 6313, 7016
          • Code no.: 620515
            • Material: Stainless steel
            • Code no.: 409805
              • Fits: GOJAK 6200/6313
              • Code no.: 410715
                • Version: galvanised
                • Suitable for: GOJAK 4520, 5211, 6313, 7016
                • Code no.: 410705
                  • Version: galvanised
                  • Suitable for: GOJAK 4520, 5211, 6313, 7016
                  • Code no.: 410025
                    • Code no.: 410785
                      • Fits: GOJAK 6200/6313
                      • Dimensions: 940 x 230 x 600 mm
                      • Code no.: 410755
                        • Material: aluminium
                        • Dimensions: 1270 x 640 mm
                        • Fits: GOJAK 5211/6200/6313
                        • Bestseller
                        Code no.: 410075
                        • Wheel Ø: 76 mm
                        • Load cap.: up to 782 kg
                        • Tyre width: up to 500 mm
                        • Code no.: 410005
                          • Wheel Ø: 73 mm
                          • Load cap.: up to 510 kg
                          • Tyre width: up to 510 mm
                          • Bestseller
                          Code no.: 410065
                          • Wheel Ø: 100/125 mm
                          • Load cap.: up to 715 kg
                          • Tyre width: up to 330 mm
                          • Code no.: 409895
                            • Wheel Ø: 100 mm
                            • Load cap.: up to 590 kg
                            • Tyre width: up to 280 mm
                            • Code no.: 410745
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