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About us

We are a medium-sized full-service provider for technical solutions that has its roots in the automotive industry. The present ProLux Systemtechnik GmbH & Co KG was founded in 1991 and currently employs 150 people (as of 2021) at the headoffice in Blaustein. In cooperation with 10 international sales partners, we serve customers throughout Europe in the B2B sector with our products and services.
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Towing concepts


The base

In our core business of towing concepts, we have specialised internationally in the development, manufacture and trade of professional vehicle transport, recovery and towing accessories. Thanks to a strong team in product development and now 30 years of experience in the towing industry, we have become the European market leader in towing accessories. Our catalogue "The world of towing Ideas" and our webshop combine all product groups relevant to the towing industry. Here you will find all accessories, whether vehicle electrics, hydraulic control, systematic vehicle equipment, clothing, lighting, load securing or classic towing accessories for recovery or transport. As a supplier of systems, we are interested in the intelligent development and sensible combination of complete systems for the equipment of your breakdown service vehicle or tow truck. This is where we are on hand with ideas and expertise, both in the field of vehicle construction and vehicle equipment.

The further development

Due to growing customer demands and our claim to ProLux as a system supplier, we created an in-house advertising department in 2000. Initially, vehicle lettering for vehicle fleets of towing services was designed and produced there. Textile finishing for emergency clothing also became increasingly important. Based on these demands, we developed an independent business model, the ProLux principle, in cooperation with the vehicle equipment department.


The ProLux principle


Everything from one source

We develop complete solutions in the form of advertising concepts, workwear and vehicle equipment under the slogan "Everything from a single source". In the case of advertising concepts, the focus is on the technical implementation of advertising technology in the regional area. As an additional service for a professional corporate image, we offer print and web design. Workwear complements these services with service and advice in the area of workwear / image clothing and textile finishing. In the area of vehicle equipment, we equip your company fleet with the appropriate equipment and accessories. Through cooperations with Bott and Werbeland, we are able to provide comprehensive advice and support to customers throughout Germany.

We are your partner


Expert service

"Service means looking at the whole business from the customer's point of view". - Axel Haitzer. The needs of the customers are what drive us. We advise you individually and with a high level of expertise. In doing so, we proceed efficiently, with a minimum of bureaucracy and in your best interests. With ProLux you are well taken care of - before, during and after the purchase.


Sophisticated assortment

With our demand-oriented product development in the field of towing accessories, we react quickly to customer suggestions and incorporate them into our innovations. This makes us your long-term development partner. Our well-coordinated team of industry specialists with over 30 years of experience provides the expertise for safe and economical work and is involved in the development of new products. This results in a coherent product range of considerable breadth and depth that listens to and responds to the wishes and problems of our customers.


For your professional performance

With the ProLux principle, we accompany you from consultation and conception to the implementation of your uniform appearance. You save time and costs with one appointment, one journey and one contact person. We are able to realise different services simultaneously and always keep an eye on the overall package. For example, your vehicles can be fully equipped with vehicle fittings, lettering, lighting and energy accessories until they are ready for use.

A fair employer


"A company is only as good as its employees".

The ProLux employee base is very steady. This is due to our appreciative attitude and the involvement of our employees in important decision-making processes. We work in coherent teams and value a modern, open and healthy working environment. Our good working atmosphere and pleasant working environment encourage the willingness to perform and the well-being of our employees. Because only a committed team makes it possible to achieve our goals: excellent product quality, a wide product range with fair prices and the best possible customer service. Therefore, we live through every single employee.

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Sustainability and quality


We are committed to the protection of the environment

Through minimisation of the impact of emissions and waste, as well as the careful use of resources and energy, we contribute to the protection of the environment, as confirmed by the DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management certification. We are constantly optimising this by means of a well-functioning environmental management system. We constantly monitor binding obligations (such as environmental laws, ordinances, DIN regulations) and commit ourselves to their compliance. We also insist on compliance with environmental standards from our suppliers and business partners.


Tested and approved quality

We supply products of high quality, suitable for your application. They are controlled and monitored by means of clearly documented test regulations. Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management ensures consistent, high-quality and sustainable quality of ProLux products and services.

About ProLux

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