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In 5 steps - made easy with products from ProLux

The mounting or dismounting of wheels is part of everyday business in workshops. During service or repairs, car wheels often have to be removed and refitted, and also when a wheel change is due due to wear or seasonal changes. In addition, the mobile breakdown service often has to replace defective tires on the road. ProLux offers professional equipment for all applications, so that the wheel change can be carried out quickly and safely.


1. Receiving order

Entering the order:

  • customer data
  • vehicle data
  • required work

Garage organiser boards

Garage organisers - no bottlenecks, no thumb twiddling, shortened standstill periods and optimum customer service. The well-arranged system for the perfect workshop organization! Board elements in modern design and with timeless color scheme.

Paperwork pockets

The paperwork pockets are used for keeping all kinds of vehicle-related docuemntation clean and neat. The sturdy and stain-resistant paperwork pockets are extremely robust and available in a wide range of colors.

Key tags

Made of environmentally friendly material, the key tags can be easily labeled and can thus be easily allocated to vehicles and objects. Available in various colours and designs.

Key tags

Made of environmentally friendly material, the key tags can be easily labeled and can thus be easily allocated to vehicles and objects. Available in various colours and designs.


2. Raising the car

  • on firm ground
  • handbrake engaged
  • first gear engaged, in case of automatic
  • lever in park position
  • automatic in park position
  • secure vehicle to prevent it from rolling away

Alu racing jack

Our sturdy aluminum racing jacks lift the car hydraulically quickly into the necessary working position. They are light, compact, stable, have a low entry height and are available in up to 3 to. lifting capacity.

Air-hydraulic jack

This portable air hydraulic jack is characterized by its low weight, high performance and easy operation.

Hydraulic bottle jacks

Low cost and high-performance hydraulic bottle jacks, available from 6 - 20 to. Compact and light versions.

Axle stands

Our axle stands are designed to manually secure lifted loads against unintentional and thus dangerous lowering.


3. Mounting / dismounting of tires

  • loosen wheel nuts
  • remove wheel
  • put wheel on
  • screw in wheel nuts
  • tighten crosswise with correctly adjusted torque wrench

Wheel lock-nut kit

Our wheel lock release tool opens almost all known wheel locks in a short time without damaging the rim.

Torque amplifier

The torque amplifier also loosens extremely tight truck wheel nuts without much effort thanks to its reduction ratio of 1:56.

Extendable ratchets

Extension ratchet that can be telescoped to a length of 600 mm. Loosens even extremely tight bolts and nuts.


Socket sets

Socket sets from ¼" to ½", 101- to 172-piece, in excellent workmanship and sturdy readymade box.

ALU nut socket kits for wheel mounting

Designed for aluminum rims socket sets, prevent damage to the aluminum rims when opening the wheel bolts by the plastic extensions.

Torque wrench

½" torque wrench with continuously adjustable tightening torque, can be used in both directions of rotation.

Twist socket set

Rim lock disassembly kit, loosens rim lock heads, but also damaged or twisted wheel bolt heads.


4. Measuring the pressure

  • Setting the correct operating pressure of the tires

Portable air tank

This lightweight and portable air tank stores compressed air for inflating tires. Equipped with a pressure gauge and all common connections and valves.

Air compressor with air reservoir

Our versatile and efficient air compressors with air reservoir are available in 12 V or 24 V.

Air compressor

Wherever compressed air is needed, our small air compressors are used. Available in 12 V or 24 V, with high air flow and air pressures up to 10 bar.

High-performance compressor

Compact size, high air performance, for mobile use or fixed installation. With connection cable, battery clamps, coiled hose (5 m) and tire inflation valve with pressure gauge. With overheating protection as standard. High performance at a low price!


5. Storing wheels

  • Precise marking simplifies quick localization of the wheels.

Wheel & tire tag

Precisely marked wheels for storage - with our wheel and tire tags. Quickly fixed to the wheel, the protected attached label is readable for a very long time. The attachment is detachable, so the tag can be used several times.

Wheel marking stickers

Sturdy stickers for wheels with aluminum coating, which guarantees long durability of the tire data noted with a ballpoint pen. Special adhesive for extra-long durability.


Indispensable helpers when changing tires:

Changing Wheels

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