12V winch

12V winch

ProLux is your professional for 12V winches from well-known brand manufacturers. You get the highest quality combined with great reliability from ComeUp and Ramsey's 12V electric winches, for a sound footing even under heavy use. Our range includes 12V electric winches with a traction force from 800 kg to 6800 kg.

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Important differences in the 12V winch gear types

Planetary gear: the three-stage gearbox of tempered steel gives a high rope speed and ensures efficient and reliable functionality. These winches are well suited to use in sliding winch tracks or winch bumpers thanks to their narrow design. The brake acts against the operating direction. This means that the winch works against the brake when releasing. It is important to maintain even tension on the cable at all times to protect the brake during operation. The load should never roll back into the cable.

Worm gear: The extremely robust winches with worm gear have a major design advantage in that their brakes act against the operating direction, which is so efficient that no additional brakes are required. The worm shaft and worm wheel are self-locking for controlled release of loads.

Best quality for each use of 12-volt winches:

Electric 12V winches are very versatile and are particularly popular as front-mounted winches or as loading aids on a pick-up or trailer, as well as being used on towing vehicles or off-road 4x4 vehicles. All 12V winches are equipped with a strong series-wound motor and an overrunning clutch and comply with European standard EN14492-1. The cable is always removed by hand to protect the motor and is controlled by wired remote control.

The rule of thumb for calculating traction force: vehicle weight x 1.5 = traction force of the winch. The result indicates the winch's minimum traction force.

Take care in different situations:

  • rolling load
  • blocked load
  • varying gradient angle and
  • uneven terrain

As standard these winches are supplied with a wired remote control, a roller fairlead and a relay box.

Suitable accessories for any cable winch:

  • we also offer optional accessories for effective use of any winch:
  • winch ropes (steel and synthetic)
  • rope tensioners
  • remote controls (wireless and wired)
  • guide rollers
  • mounting consoles
  • mounting plates
  • sliding winch tracks

We would be happy to advise you on choosing the right winch.