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Types of hydraulic vehicle jacks and their applications

We supply two different types of hydraulic jacks: trolley jacks and bottle jacks. Trolley jacks are rollable and therefore very easy to position under a car or other vehicle. These hydraulic jacks also have low entry heights, high maximum lift heights and practical medium lifting capacities. Our trolley jacks come in two different designs – the very popular oil-hydraulic model and our simpler air-hydraulic model with two wheels. The hydraulic bottle jacks are compact and lightweight and therefore ideal for portable use. They have medium to very high lifting capacities as well as lower lift heights.


Trolley jacks are either used in workshops or on-site by breakdown recovery services. They can be swiftly rolled under cars and other vehicles in order to raise the vehicle quickly. Hydraulic bottle jacks and our air-hydraulic trolley jack with a high maximum lifting capacity are often used for jacking heavy vehicles such as trucks or heavy machinery. It is important to ensure that the intended jacking point for the hydraulic jack is able to withstand the weight of the load being raised. The jacking point is usually on the vehicle frame or at specifically identified points on other loads.


Hydraulic trolley jack

ProLux oil-hydraulic trolley jacks are easy to manoeuvre and position under a car thanks to the four mounted castors or wheels. Their low-entry design makes these hydraulic vehicle jacks ideal for low-profile cars and other vehicles with a reduced clearance height. The jack handle also operates the built-in hydraulic lifting ram. Pumping the jack handle activates the hydraulics which drives the jack’s ram upwards. The effort required is therefore minimal. A double-stroke system – such as in our very popular hydraulic Alu Racing Jack – drives up rapidly without load and then slows under load. This raises the vehicle very quickly. The high maximum lift height of 465mm ensures enough space to work accurately while carrying out repairs or services. Our hydraulic trolley jacks are universal hydraulic jacks with a lifting capacity of 1.35 tonnes to 3 tonnes. When deciding on the required lifting capacity for your jack, please bear in mind that it does not need to be as high as your vehicle’s total weight because only part of vehicle will be raised. This means that a jack with a lifting capacity of 2 tonnes could be used to jack a heavy 3 tonne vehicle.

Hydraulic bottle jack

Hydraulic bottle jacks are designed to be very compact and relatively lightweight as well as offering high load capacities ranging from 6 tonnes to 25 tonnes. These jacks are therefore easy to transport and stow. Another advantage of these hydraulic jacks is their very affordable price. Hydraulic bottle jacks are manually positioned under the vehicle or other heavy load at the designated lifting point. They are not as nimble as a trolley jack and also require significantly higher clearance under the vehicle or load being raised. The lift heights of our hydraulic bottle jacks range from 125mm to 150mm. This can be increased up to an extra 80mm by using the supplied jack extension. The lifting ram is extended by pumping the jack’s handle.


Our air-hydraulic jack works in a similar way. Here an air-hydraulic system generates the lifting force, which pushes the ram up. The hydraulic jack can lift up to 30t with a maximum lift height of 259mm. Despite this high lifting capacity, the jack only weighs 25kg.

How does a hydraulic jack work?

With an oil-hydraulic jack, the lifting force - or capacity - is generated by compressing the oil in the main cylinder. Pumping the hand lever or jack handle causes the piston in the cylinder to compress a fixed quantity of oil into an ever-smaller space. This constantly increasing pressure generates the lifting force. A check valve then maintains the generated pressure. To lower the jack, the valve is slowly opened and the lifting ram then gently retracts. The same principle also applies to air-hydraulic jacks. In this case, it is the air that is compressed.


Buy hydraulic car jacks online at ProLux

We offer a tried-and-tested range of professional hydraulic trolley jacks and bottle jacks for lifting cars and other loads. All of our models are almost always available from stock. The wide range of lifting capacities and models together with our great prices and fantastic service ensure that you can successfully carry out your lifting tasks! In addition to our selection of hydraulic car jacks and trolley jacks, you can of course also find pneumatic jacks and compatible jack accessories in our online shop.

Hydraulic jacks


Our hydraulic jacks are ideal for raising cars, other vehicles and all sorts of heavy loads in order to carry out repairs or services. Trolley jacks with hydraulic technology are suitable for universal use in garages and workshops. Meanwhile, bottle jacks offer very high lifting capacities compared to their own relatively low weight, making them the ideal portable hydraulic jack. All ProLux car jacks are extremely robust, fitted with high-quality hydraulics and designed for long-term professional use.

      • Construction height: 207 mm
      • Lift: 125 + 70 mm
      • Load cap.: 6 t
      Code no.: 432066
        • Construction height: 222 mm
        • Lift: 145 + 80 mm
        • Load cap.: 10 t
        Code no.: 432106
          • Construction height: 227 mm
          • Lift: 150 + 80 mm
          • Load cap.: 12 t
          Code no.: 432126
            • Construction height: 235 mm
            • Lift: 150 + 60 mm
            • Load cap.: 20 t
            Code no.: 432206
              • Load cap.: 30/15 t
              • Load cap. with half height: 30 t
              • Load cap. with full height: 15 t
                • Max. height : 375 mm
                • Min. height : 80 mm
                • Load cap.: 1,35 t
                Code no.: 430765
                • Bestseller
                • Max. height : 440 mm
                • Min. height : 90 mm
                • Load cap.: 2.0 t
                Code no.: 430965
                • Bestseller
                • Max. height : 465 mm
                • Min. height : 100 mm
                • Load cap.: 3.0 t
                Code no.: 430755
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