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HELLA work lights with efficient LED technology

HELLA offers a wide range of work light performance classes. Starting from 12 watts and increasing up to 88 watts. This corresponds to a light output of 1000 lumens to 5500 lumens. At HELLA, the lumen figures are always measured when the headlamp is at operating temperature and are not theoretically calculated values. For a practical performance comparison: A HELLA work light with an H3 halogen bulb 12 volts produces a light output of 1150 lumens at 55 watts power consumption. An LED work light such as the HELLA Power Beam 1800 already produces 1850 lumens of light from 26 watts. So with less than half the power consumption, a 60 % higher light output is achieved. In addition, the housing is significantly more compact. HELLA achieves this by using energy-efficient high-performance LEDs. In addition, the LEDs produce a white, high-contrast light. This near-daylight light colour of the LED is easy on your eyes and keeps you feeling fit for longer. Halogen light is yellowish and low in contrast - this is strenuous for your eyes and leads to faster fatigue. In addition, LEDs last up to 50 times longer than halogen lamps. When using HELLA work lights with their Power LEDs, there is no need to regularly replace the bulb.

Close-range and long-range illumination

HELLA work lights have computer-calculated and highly precisely engineered reflectors. They ensure homogeneous light distribution in the generated light field and prevent excessive light concentration in the headlamp's close range. This can lead to glare for people involved. In practice, when using auxiliary headlamps, it is necessary to determine which area of the vehicle's surroundings is to be illuminated. Next, the appropriate model is selected for close-range illumination or for long-range illumination. Close-range illumination provides intensive lighting over a large area around the vehicle. Long-range illumination produces a narrow light pattern whose brightest point only hits the ground approx. 30 m in front of the vehicle. Of course, the models for close-range illumination and wide-range illumination can also be combined. Effective positioning and adjustment of these work lights enable continuous illumination in both close and long-range zones. It's essential to avoid any dark spots in the illuminated area, as they can hinder concentration and lead to quicker fatigue. Additionally, work lights designed for close-range illumination are well-suited for illuminating specific areas on the vehicle, such as those found on large tractors or harvesting equipment.

Durable work lights - thanks to impact-resistant and weatherproof headlight housing

HELLA work lamps not only offer powerful light output, but are also robust and durable. The housings are either made of impact-resistant, glass-fibre reinforced plastic or sturdy aluminium. Almost all LED versions have a coated aluminium housing, which is advantageous for heat dissipation. The LEDs are vibration-resistant and have a thermal management system that dims individual LEDs if overheating is imminent. This prevents a condition that shortens the service life. All HELLA work lights are waterproof, and have precisely bonded diffusing lenses made of impact- and scratch-resistant plastic. They are compact and have a neutral black colour that prevents unwanted reflections.

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Hella work lamps


HELLA, world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality lighting technology for vehicles, offers a wide range of HELLA LED work lights.. HELLA LED technology guarantees quality: developed, tested and inspected in our own research laboratories. HELLA work lamps provide optimum illumination and detail contrast in the dark. That's the only way to do your work quickly, precisely and productively on site.

    • SKU: 110295
      • Light efficiency: 3000 lm
      • Voltage: 12/24 V
      • Power draw: 31 W
      • SKU: 110235
        • Light efficiency: 1000 lm
        • Voltage: 12/24 V
        • Power draw: 12 W
        • SKU: 110255
          • Light efficiency: 1850 lm
          • Voltage: 12/24 V
          • Power draw: 26 W
          • SKU: 110285
            • Light efficiency: 4400 lm
            • Voltage: 12/24 V
            • Power draw: 50 W
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