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360° all-round illumination - total illumination of the working area!

- with compressed air operation
- headlamps manually adjustable in inclination
- KompLED beacon
- 4500 lm per work light
- 230 V voltage
- 1.58 - 3.65 m height

Long service life!

  • robust aluminium housing
  • 7351 lm light output
  • 563 mm width
  • 93 W power consumption
  • over 30,000 hours service life

The alternative option with 358 mm width

The alternative option with 206 mm width

Holds as fixed!

  • holds up to 250 km/h
  • electric suction foot attachment
  • suitable for aluminium, glass and plastic roofs
  • impact resistant, UV and weather resistant
  • E-approval
  • 12/24 V voltage

Absolutely high warning effect!

  • 19 flash patterns
  • illuminated centre module
  • low overall height of 64 mm without or 118 mm with mounting feet
  • impact and break-proof lenses
  • 14 high-performance LED flash modules
  • 1480 mm width and 216 mm depth

The alternative option with 1800 mm width

Small, but great! Absolutely waterproof!

  • 13 programmable flash sequences
  • synchronous and alternately codable
  • flush-mounted flush mounting
  • rubber grommet included
  • waterproof sealed electronics
  • can be mounted using a separate holder

Accessory: Angled mounting bracket

Innovative rechargeable lightbar!

  • Designed for mounting on a roof rack. Therefore super flexible and perfect for leased vehicles, as no roof needs to be drilled any more.
  • Rechargeable version
  • 5 h operating time
  • LED colour amber and light lense smokey grey
  • can be charged at a standard household socket outlet with 230 V power supply unit and
  • 12 V cigarette lighter
  • can be operated via a hand-held transmitter (up to 20 m distance)
  • fixed flash version (double flash left and right synchronous)
  • 1200 mm width and 92 mm height

The alternative option with amber lens


Light. Flexible. Strong!

  • 3500 kg load capacity
  • mounting width 2.40 m
  • dead weight of the loading gear only 225 kg
  • centre of gravity hydraulically adjustable by 600 mm
  • support arms can be staked out in three positions
  • therefore suitable for vehicles with short or long wheelbase
  • rubber pads on the underside, for safe use near a vehicle roof and comfortable placement on the flatbed

The compact hydraulic bottle jack

  • TÜV tested according to DIN EN 1494:2000/A1:2008
  • turnable spindle for height adjustment
  • low weight

Powerful Mini Booster!

- up to 4000 A peak power!
- for 12 V vehicles
- can be charged at a 12 V socket or at a USB port using the USB-MINI charging cable included in delivery
- weight only 3.4 kg
- USB port
- incl. voltmeter

The alternative option with 2000 A peak performance

Manoeuvring and loading made easy

  • for loading on flatbeds
  • up to 280 mm tyre width
  • 590 kg load capacity

The alternative option for loading with 715 kg load capacity

Suitable for all wheel sizes

  • 3 double flat hooks, for optimum load distribution
  • prevents the perforated sheet from tearing out
  • 50 mm belt width
  • 2500 kg load capacity

Full of power!

  • max. torque 1000 Nm
  • lithium-ion power
  • impact-resistant outer housing
  • impact wrenches for HGVs
  • integrated light

The space-saving Euro flash lamps

  • Compact design
  • dimensions 90 x 185 x 345 mm
  • housing made of impact- and weatherproof plastic
  • with built-in rechargeable battery
  • only one battery required per Euro flash unit
  • fold-out stand brackets
  • BASt test according to TL warning lights 90

The alternative option with battery:

Maximum visibility day and night!

  • Retro-reflective marking tape type B (RA2), BASt tested.
  • The RA2 minimum reflection time (more weather resistant) is up to 4 to 5 times longer than RA1.
  • Suitable for 24-hour shut-off at operation sites.
  • Suitable for any location due to high reflection values, especially on motorways.

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