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Hydraulic equipment

Trucks and implements like a crane, winches or self-propelled machinery, forestry machinery and construction equipment are requirering very large forces for their work. These forces can be accomplished only with mobile hydraulics. The aggregates usually consist of a petrol- or diesel motor and a directly flanged pump. For trucks the vehicle enginge often takes the driving of the hydraulic system. Usually the gear pumps or the piston pumps are directly flanged on the vehicle transmissions by suitablePTOs and take over the pressure supply for the structure.

Structure and function of mobile hydraulics:


All cylinders and gear motors for the travel drives of mobile wheel- or crawler tracks can independently be controlled by control blocks with more than 10 double functions.

Each valve is associated with its specific hydraulic cylinder or another object. The hydraulic takes over the central task of the pressure transmission in the system. Does a line burst, or does the mobile electronics block the flow of the hydraulic oil, the function of the machine can not be operated incessantly. Therefore, the concentration of mobile hydraulics is extremely important.


The directional valves of ProLux are suitable for the control of the oil flows from all applications in the mobile hydraulics, for example for trucks, tractors, agricultural machinery, construction machinery or other implements, which depend on trouble-free operation in harsh environments. Each self-propelled mobile crane has a mobile hydraulics installed, which is responsible at least for all crane functions.


In the saving technology there are used cutters and spreaders, which move hydraulic cylinders by aggregates, that spread and close the tongs. These so-called compact aggregates can be powered by a gasoline engine and therefore are fully mobile and self-sufficient.


Use: The mobile hydraulics is used for many truck bodies, like loading cranes, dump trucks, garbage trucks, transit mixers, mobile concrete pumps, hook lifts, car transporter or towing superstructures. The mobile hydraulic is used for almost everything, which has a large power requirement.


Whether you intend a new structure with a implement or want to convert a second hand on a new chassis - ProLux has the suitable PTO and pump for your truck.