Halogen work lamps

Halogen work lamps

Although Halogen work lamps no longer belong to the top runners , they still have a firm place in the world of work lamps. Advantages are a low acquisition price paired with a long service life . Another advantage is the homogeneous illumination, which is not always available with cheap LED headlights . A warm bright colour, pleasant to the human eye and a working light without hard contrasts are further characteristics of the halogen work lamps.

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Halogen work lamps - The classics among the work lights


The classical forms of halogen headlamps are square, oval or round shaped. They can be equipped for example with a handle and a switch, assembled on a magnetic mount or a grid for protecting the lenses. The most used halogen bulb for work lamps is the H3 bulb. This bulb is offered in 12 volts with 55 watts or in 24 volts with 70 watts. Based on these different voltage versions, a multi-voltage use is not possible, and this also complicates the use in vehicles with different on-board voltages. A new version is the H9 bulb from Hella. In comparison to the H3 bulb, the H9 bulb has a 45 % bigger luminous flux , which ensures, that the H9 bulb produces a 1.5 times higher light output. H9 bulbs are only available in 12 Volt.


Areas of halogen work lamps


The halogen work lamp is also a good decision, because of its cheap acquisition costs, especially in areas, in which the lamp is not used continuously. The areas of application are municipal vehicles, tractors, trucks, industrial trucks or tow vehicles. Work lamps are used to illuminate a work area in front, on the side or at the rear of a vehicle.


Usage Policy:

The use on public roads "while driving" is not allowed. Generally working lamps can only be switched on when no road users can be blinded.