ProLux offers the original – the GoJak wheel dolly from the USA. These easy to use wheel dollies move vehicles in seconds. The GoJak consists of a solid steel construction combined with double-bearing castors, ensuring smooth manoeuvrability of cars. Naturally, these single-part industrial nylon wheels come with a precision bearing. The wheel dolly frame is made of steel and equipped with either steel or PVC rollers depending on the required load capacity. The axle shafts, fitted with tempered precision screws also help to maintain the stability of the wheel dolly. The GoJak also has a precision ratchet and a solid steel pedal – another quality feature of this dolly. The pedal can be locked in the horizontal position. The device has a convenient carry handle.

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Uses of the GoJak wheel dolly


Thanks to the simple handling and well-engineered design, the GoJak wheel dolly is extremely versatile and is used in variety of situations on a daily basis. Such as by towing services, who use the dolly to load vehicles onto platforms. Towing services also use the wheel dollies in car parks and underground garages. Manoeuvring in the tightest spaces with the steering-wheel lock or handbrake engaged is no problem for the wheel dolly. It can be moved/loaded easily without opening the vehicle. The GoJak is also a useful tool in bodywork and painting operations. Damaged vehicles can be effortlessly moved sideways or manoeuvred in tight spaces. This is also a requirement for car dealers, which is why the GoJak is also a familiar site in car showrooms. It facilitates convenient moving and positioning of cars on a variety of flooring, such as wood, tiles carpet etc. Vehicles can moved with the dolly at speeds of up to 10 km/h on fixed flooring. And all without exhaust gases or any damage. The GoJak also appeals to classic car lovers, as this is a type of wheel dolly that leaves no trace behind on the vehicle, because only the tyres come into contact with the device. A vehicle can be turned on its own axis by using two wheel dollies. Four GoJaks enable you to move a vehicle in any direction at all even with locked wheels.