Traffic cone

Traffic cone

In our product range, we provide traffic cones for the protection of construction sites, breakdowns and accident sites, The TL cones are tested according to StVo and the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) and comply with the DIN EN 13422 standards. The "Lübecker Hüttchen" (as the cones are also called) have a reflective foil of the type A, so that they are visible from afar by night or bad weather.

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The right traffic cones for every use


The traffic cones or pylons are the most used traffic installations in the traffic. In increasingly dense traffic, it is important to secure the place of danger quickly and securely. The extra-wide handle recess ensures easy handling. The warning cone, which is equipped with illuminating foil type A, protects the reflective foil against wear by the used reflex material. A heavy traffic cone foot gives the cone a high stability and significantly reduces the risk of tilting or slipping. Due to the corner knobs on the underside, it can also be placed on fresh road markings. In our Onlineshop different heights of the pylons are offered. The height of 750 mm is used on motorways and expressways, on all the other roads the traffic cone with the height of 500 mm is used. Due to the easy stacking, the cones can easily be stowed in the vehicle. For this purpose, we also offer the matching holders in two different versions as accessories in our shop.


There is a large number of possible applications for traffic cones, so they should not be missing in any operation. The cones are most frequently used in road traffic, but they are also used in driving schools, slalom courses, motorsport, recreational and sports areas, for example at equestrian events. They are often seen in public underground garages or car parks and supermarket parking spaces. As an ideal complement, we also offer matching blinking and flashing lights as optional accessories, which can be placed on the traffic cone with an adapter. As a result, the safety at the place of danger or point of operation is significantly increased.


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